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Our first route will begin in the Marina La Bajadilla Port, a historical port of fishing and sports. You will see the bustle of the fishermen and their ships, as well as the many typical local bars and restaurants. From there, we can see the end of our route, the town of Ojen and the Cable Tower, a symbol and sign of this village.

We will take the former ‘National Road 340’, now the principle artery of the area, we will cross Marbella from South to North, passing close to its modest Municipal Stadium and leaving the historical town to the right. We will climb to the village of Ojen, while soaking in the views of the Marbella Inlet and, hopefully, of the blue sky. 

The quant village of Ojen, with it small church and narrow streets is a must see. Its church, main place and narrow streets makes this village a focal point for the local cycling family, always warmly welcomed. After crossing the town, we find the first ramps and its famous turns of the road, “the caracolilos”, which offers us a panoramic view of the entire area.

Then we will arrive to the summit, the Ojen Port and start our short and fast descent. We will arrived to an intersection where we will turn on the left to climb to Juanar’s Refuge. The winding path runs along pines and the edge of the mountain. It is not unusual to come across well-geared bike riders and some touristsdependent on everything less the road. 

Juanar’s Refuge is hidden in the grove; don’t be afraid to enter, we are always well-received.

If you are riding a Mountain bike, you will have the option of taking a longer track. There is a path leading to the viewing point which offers spectacular views of Marbella, the Strait and the Moroccan coast. There are also tracks between pines and olive trees.

We will start our return home with a few sights of Monda and the mountainous area. After turning at Port Ojen, the road will be steeper followed by flat road in direction of Marbella. Forget the speed and enjoy the views going downhill: Ojen, the sea, Africa…

At the crossing with ‘Las ventas’ (typical road restaurant) we will head towards Marbella and go off the main road and continue our descent on a quite road. We will finish off by crossing the city to end our tour.

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Salida desde Marbella

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