What do I need to rent a bike?

ID or passport and the related payment. You don’t have to leave your identity card or Passport, just we need you to show us it.

When do I pay?

Payment takes place on handover of the bike, together with a deposit of XXX in cash.

I have sent a request online but did not receive a confirmation, what should I do?

Please check your spam/junk folder (our email could arrive there). Then, please consider that we receive quite a lot of emails every day and they are replied in order of arrival (normally within 24h), this time could be longer during high season (March to November).

Can I rent helmet and other accessories?

Yes! Helmets can be rented from XX€/day. If you need any other accessory, please visit this link.

Do you charge any extra for cleaning?

In very exceptional cases, we can charge 10€ when the bike is returned full of mud, dust or rusty (which is not common!).

Can I store my bike at the shop if I rent it for more than one day?

Of course! We offer that service (free of charge) to customers who do not have a place to store the bike safely during the night.

Can I rent a bike and get it delivered to my hotel or holiday apartment?

Yes! We provide an excellent delivery and pick up service.

If I want to start cycling earlier than your shop opening time, can I pick up my racing bike the previous night?

Yes! It is possible according to availability. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Are Bike Holidays Málaga routes appropriate for everyone?

Yes! According to our experience through the years, our regular tours are appropriate for everyone! For more sporty tours, we strongly recommend being used to cycle and to be in good shape, this particular tours require a much bigger effort than the regular ones.

Do the routes have a minimum of guests?

Yes, our tours have a minimum of 2 people.

What if I have a rent and I can’t go?

If you have a rent you have to pay it, because we keep it for you and we won’t offer them to others customers.

What happend if the bike is stolen?

You are the responsable of the bike, if it’s stolen, you have to pay it.