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Benahavis - Puerto Madroño - Igualeja - Pujerra - Madroño - Benahavis

Benahavis - Puerto Madroño - Igualeja - Pujerra - Madroño - Benahavis

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When you want to hire a bike in Marbella, it is a route you have to do. We will start our ride climbing on the road direction Ronda. This road is very used by motos and a lot of cars depending the hour of the day. We recomend you to choose starting early to avoid trafic and be more calm on the road. It will be easier to enjoy the Costa del Sol see views.

A climb of arround 20 km will leave us to the famous port “El Madroño” and its 1065m of height. During our climb, we will have very beautiful views of all the coast from San Pedro de Alcantara to Gibraltar. In some point, we will see the coast between Marbella and San Pedro de Alcántara.

During the climbing, we will cross a lot of streams but we also will have access to two water fountains. If we would like to take something fresh, we can have a drink in the raod restaurant called “Venta el Madroño”, famous motos riders meeting point. This famous road restaurant is a little before the top of the port.

When we arrived on the top of the port we will see the indication “Puerto el Madroño”, we will follow on the main road direction Ronda. The road will be flatter and sometimes going down. After some kilometers, we will arrive to an interest point which is the view point of the Steel Cross. It is a very beautiful point where we will enjoy a mountain views of the Sierra de las Nieves and some town of the White town road. We will follow as to arrived to the restaurant “El Navasillo”, and we can use it as a feeding point.

From there wewill take Igualeja's direction where we will ridein a secondaryroad and very small frequented. It is possible that we cross with few cars up to returning to the Madroño port. We will start going down towards the townof Igualeja. Approaching tothe village, we will find to our left side the birth of the Genal river that will allow us to realize some very nice photos or only to enjoy this moment. We will be still quite straight crossing the village. On having gone out of Igualeja, we will use a road with a lotof chestnut-trees and cherry-trees. According to the monthof the year that you do this route you will enjoy a road in a green or orange environment in the autumn. This zone is very famous for the culture of the chestnuts.

We will arrived to the Pujerra’s Town where we will begin a climb of arround 14km towards the Madroño Port. We will do this climb between pines and in certain points we will enjoy a few sights of the sea and the mountains. Arriving to the port we will take to the right to going back to San Pedro de Alcántara and where we begun our route.
During the descent I advise you to raise the head and to enjoy the sights that this environment offers us and almost we will not even have to give pedals during approximately 30 minutes.

Point of interes

Vistas a la Costa

Punto intermedio

Nacimiento del Rio Genal

Punto intermedio

Camino de los Anadillos

Punto intermedio

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